How to Make Text Shape on WhatsApp Story

How to Make Text Shape on WhatsApp Story

How to Make Text Shape on WhatsApp Story
Wednesday, 10 February 2021


Want to create an interesting WhatsApp story ? Well, let's try to make colorful text shapes with your Android smartphone .

The current development of technology has made many application developers compete with each other to create applications. As a result, we have found a lot of applications on Google Play that we can download as needed.

Of the many applications, there are applications that are very popular and loved by young people, namely instant messaging or chatting applications . Because this application really makes it easy for us to communicate. So it's no wonder that every smartphone user must install the chat application, especially WhatsApp.

How can WhatsApp become a chat application that is widely installed ? The answer is certain because it is light and very easy to understand the menus in it.

At first WhatsApp was just a regular instant messaging application, but over time WhatsApp continued to improve its features until it became as famous as it is today.

WhatsApp users are certainly familiar with the story feature . Yes, ordinary users use this feature to share any moment in the form of videos or photos. Not only that, we can also make stories in the form of text or writing.

Actually there is a trick to make your text story cooler, namely by making colorful text shapes . So, want to know how to make it? Follow the complete tutorial below.


1. For the first step, you must first download and install an application called Go Keyboard .

2. Next, open the Go Keyboard application that has been installed both on your smartphone . Tap the Allow menu then tap the menu Select GO Keyboard.

3. You will be directed to the Set Keyboard menu, please activate it and select GO keyboard . 
4. A pop up menu will appear, just select GO keyboard . Then open the Whatsapp application and go directly to the status to create a status as usual. Tap the T icon at the top to bring up the keyboard , then select the smiley icon .

5. Scroll - drag the smiley until you find the symbol, choose the symbol which is based on white, it is recommended to use the one that is square or triangle. Use the sliders on the right to change the colors. Arrange and add symbols one by one, don't forget to add text in front of them.

Well, that's more or less the way to create text shapes on WhatsApp. Follow the steps above well so that you don't have any difficulties. Hopefully this is useful and don't forget to share with other friends.
How to Make Text Shape on WhatsApp Story
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