Coronavirus Pandemic Is Close To Home

Coronavirus Pandemic Is Close To Home Many virologists are now saying that we may soon have a coronavirus pandemic at our doorsteps. What can you possibly do now? Keep away from crowds and big occasions like football matches, and thoroughly washes your hands, says the experts and keeps a close watch on the coronavirus update. How Is Any… Read More »

Donald Trump Arrival In India: What’s On the List

Donald Trump Arrival In India: What’s On the List President Donald Trump, on his first day of visit addressed the ‘Namaste India’ at the Motera cricket stadium in Ahmedabad. POTUS likewise inaugurated the world’s biggest cricket stadium as well. US President Donald Trump and the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, arrived at the Sardar Vallabhai… Read More »

How to Choose an Action Camera-Beginner’s Guide.

Just to give an example.  The great teacher and author, José B. Ruiz, in his fantastic book, The Photographer in Nature, also refers to the depth of field:  “To maximize the depth of field depends on choosing the focal point carefully, depending on the framing location we have focused on, we may be missing out on part of… Read More »

From the Internet of Things to People

Although programming from our public vehicles to a household appliance is key, we must always remember that the end is the users.  That is the concept from which we must start and discuss.  * Let’s stop to discuss which were the technological trends that contributed most to people.  During 2016 we saw the consolidation of virtual reality, a… Read More »

OmSignal, the Fitness and Health Smartwear

Smartwear is the term coined for those accessories that we can literally wear.  An example of this is the new Apple Watch, or the pulse control bands that we find in any online store.  OMSignal goes a step further with a concept that is a reality.  WHOignal overview Having achieved a higher than expected funding after its launch… Read More »

The Great iPhone 11 Review

The most basic iPhone you can get right now.And for most people, it’s the one to buy so here are the five things you need to know about it.(playful hiphop music)Number one, it’s cheaper, relatively.The iPhone 11 is $700.That’s $300 cheaper than the Pro and that does mean fewer cameras and less battery life but it also means… Read More »

Sony SRS (XB30) Speaker Review

The SRS-XB30 speaker pairs easily with smartphones like most other Bluetooth speakers, with additional support for NFC pairing.It also sports a somewhat rugged and splash-resistant exterior. But there are a couple of things that sets this speaker apart. First, right away you’ll probably notice the built-in multi color lights.These lights give the speaker a little bit of a… Read More »