Lenovo 330 Laptop Review

In this article, we are going to discuss Lenovo 330 and see how it is The lenovo 330’s price is quoted around 48000 but in Flipkart’s recent exchange sale and credit card offer I got it for 32,600 rs. I thought it was a good deal for 32,600 Rs.The reason for my purchase was that it has good… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S11 – Should We Wait?

The Galaxy S11 or whatever Samsungs going to name it will launch next year in February. There are still 7 months left for the handset to launch but that doesn’t mean there are no rumors about the handset. There is a lot of information available already on the internet. Lets explore them so its easier for people who… Read More »

Xinyung Smart Watch Review

Let us take a look at the various functions that the Xinyung Smart Watch has. The first screen that comes up is the watch, which I have set to show the time, the date and how many steps I have taken that day.Next is the screen showing how many steps you have taken, how far that has been… Read More »